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Pizza Marzano Celebrates 18th Anniversary with Mangrove Planting CSR Initiative

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Pizza Marzano marked its 18th anniversary in Indonesia by taking a significant step toward environmental conservation through a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. Pizza Marzano organized a mangrove planting activity at the Mangrove Ecotourism Centre in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), Jakarta, where 180 mangrove seedlings were planted.

This effort underscores Pizza Marzano’s commitment to giving back to both the community and the environment, with enthusiastic participation from Pizza Marzano members.

In alignment with the 18th anniversary celebration, the planting of 180 mangrove seedlings symbolizes Pizza Marzano’s enduring presence in Indonesia. This deliberate choice reflects the Pizza Marzano’s dedication to making a tangible contribution to the environment.

Historically, Pizza Marzano’s CSR efforts have focused on humanitarian causes, such as organizing pizza-making sessions and donating pizzas to orphanages and children’s organizations. To commemorate this milestone, however, Pizza Marzano decided to diversify its CSR focus and address ecological challenges directly.

Jakarta’s dense urban landscape has a significant shortage of green spaces. By planting these mangrove seedlings in the PIK area, Pizza Marzano aims to improve the local ecosystem, promote biodiversity, and make a small but meaningful contribution to the earth.

This initiative highlights Pizza Marzano’s commitment to environmental stewardship and its proactive approach to addressing ecological issues.

Mangroves play a crucial role in coastal protection, carbon sequestration, and supporting marine life. Through this planting activity, Pizza Marzano Indonesia not only celebrates its anniversary but also sets a precedent for future environmental actions.

“We are proud to celebrate our 18th anniversary by contributing to environmental sustainability and supporting the community. Planting 180 mangrove seedlings is a meaningful way to enhance our local ecosystem and demonstrate our commitment to ecological responsibility.”

“This initiative is a testament to our dedication to creating a positive impact for the community and the planet,” said Adina Clarashiva, Marketing Manager of Pizza Marzano.

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